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Our projects

Law-Language-Philosophy Research Network

Project Lead: Faculty of Philosophy, Jagiellonian University

Project partners: Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb (Croatia); Institut Jean Nicod, Paris (France); University of Surrey School of Law (UK); University of Milan, Department of Law "Cesare Beccaria" (Italy).

Funding: 1.030.000,00 PLN

Duration: from 1.12.2018 to 30.12.2020

project coordinator: dr Paweł Banaś

more details

Project funded by Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange - International Academic Partnerships Programme

IV Krakow Lectures in Philosophy of Language: Michael Murez (Université de Nantes)

29.05.2018 r., Mental Files: An Introduction
29.05.2018 r., Mental Files: Challenges and New Directions

III Krakow Lectures in Philosophy of Language: Francois Recanati (Institut Jean Nicod, Paryż)

21.05.2018 r., Speech Acts
22.05.2018 r., Direct Reference

if you wish to join: krzysztof.poslajko [at]

20.11.2018: David Duarte (Lisbon), Deontic modalities and legal positions

20.11.2018: Ana Escher (Lisbon), When it is vague what is vague - identyfying vagueness

6.11.2018: Luka Burazin (Zagreb), Legal Systems as Abstract Institutional Artefacts

10.10.2018: Markus Kneer (Zurich), Guilty Minds and Biased Minds

9.10.2018: Markus Kneer (Zurich), Assertion, Knowledge and Justification

8-9.07.2019: Law as Artifact (IVR 2019, Luzern)

17-18.06.2019: Law, Language, and Social Ontology (Surrey Centre for Law and Philosophy)

24.05.2018: Context and Content: From Language to Thought (Krakow)